Melitta Purista Black F230-102 6766034 Bean to Cup Coffee Machine - Black



Enjoy delectable coffee in the comfort of your own home with this bean to cup machine from Melitta. Whether you prefer a punchy espresso or a mellow cocoa-dusted cappuccino, the 5 different grind levels can help you find your ideal strength. The Favourite Coffee function then lets you save your very own settings, so all it takes is a push of a button for that perfect cup on-tap. This model also features the innovative Aroma Extraction System which moistens your coffee before it’s brewed, dissolving all those delicious flavours straight into your mug. And thanks to the height-adjustable spout, you’ll be able to fit even the tallest latte glass underneath. Use the Melitta Companion App to unlock handy tutorials and FAQs too direct from your smartphone.

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