Falcon 1000 DELUXE F1000DXEIFN/N 100cm Electric Range Cooker with Induction Hob - Fawn - A/A Rated



This fawn Falcon range cooker will make a welcome addition to any kitchen. It has 3 cavities, so whether you’re cooking mid-week meals or preparing for a dinner party, you’ll have plenty of space. It also comes with a 5 burner induction hob, and because this uses electromagnets to heat the base of your pans, rather than the whole surface, it’s really safe and efficient. The main oven is multifunctional too, so it offers numerous ways to cook, from baking sumptuous soufflés to roasting delicious turkey. With the electric fan oven circulating heat, your food is guaranteed to cook evenly on every shelf. And thanks to the catalytic liners, which absorb grease from the inside walls, it’ll just need a quick wipe down every so often.

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