Stoves Precision DX S1100Ei 110cm Electric Range Cooker with Induction Hob - Black - A/A/A Rated



This superb black range cooker from Stoves is the ideal choice for any budding chef. It features a total of 4 cavities, giving you plenty of room to prepare multiple dishes at once – while the 5 zone induction hob lets you enjoy safe and responsive cooking. Simply add stock or herbs into the special Steam & Infuse™ pot which will not only tenderise your meat, but seal in all those delicious flavours too. While that’s roasting, connect to the Zeus™ app via Bluetooth and set a timer on your smartphone, so you’re free to relax with a glass of wine as you wait. When it’s ready, the Pro-Trac™ telescopic sliders make it really easy to take your food out without having to reach into the oven.

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