iRobot Roomba I7558+ Robotic Vacuum Cleaner with Auto Dirt Disposal System - Charcoal



Revolutionise the way you clean with this robotic vacuum cleaner from iRobot. It has an impressive 75 minute run time and multi-surface EdgeSweep™ brushes that reach right up to your skirting boards, so it can give every room in the house a thorough clean. With the clever iAdapt™ Navigation, it keeps track of landmarks in your home, effortlessly moving around furniture and remembering the route. Then, the intelligent Imprint™ Smart Mapping system learns these room layouts and saves them by name, so you can simply ask it to clean the lounge next time it needs vacuuming. It comes with a Clean Base™ dirt disposal unit, where the vacuum can empty its bin up to 30 times before the unit needs cleaning.

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